IDMATCH Smart Bike Professional Fitting Services [PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE PURCHASE]
Price RM1,200.00
Size (L x W x H) 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm
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➼ Contact with us first before purchase
➼ Bike fitting only available for store walk-in (Kuala Lumpur / AMPANG)
➼ Bike fitting duration approximate 2 Hours (RSVP for available slot of the date you prefer)
➼ Fitting appoiment valid for 3 months start from purchase date


ID MATCH™ Pro Bike Fitting

Services Include : 
⦿ Smart Bike Fitting
⦿ Cleat Fit
⦿ Foot Fitting
⦿ Smart Caliper
⦿ Analysis System (dynamic 3D scanning)
⦿ Tiltmeter Foot Fitting
⦿ Bike System Set-Up


• Bike geometry and model guide, 300+
• Component guide, 10,000+
• 3D body scan
• Analysing Foot Shapes, Footbeds Adjustment/Installation
• Postural Assessment
• Biomechanical Dynamic Analysis
• Simulated Bike Position
• Shoe analysis
• Cleat Correction
• Saddle Guide and dynamic test Follow up provision of ideal bike, bike size and components


Smart Bike
idmatch Smart Bike is an automated simulator that allows you to reproduce any set up position required through the Analysis System. The simulator is engineered to meet the needs of any cycling discipline thanks to its wide range of movement, easily replaceable set of accessories and adjustable cranks.

Cleat Fit
idmatch Cleat Fit is the first system that allows the measurements taken on the foot to be transferred directly to the sole of the shoe. Aligning the cleat with the pedal axis will be simple and extremely precise. Thanks to a laser beam and a goniometric disc, the position and orientation of the cleat will be perfect.

Analysis System
idmatch Analysis System is an innovative analysis software that, thanks to dynamic 3D scanning, allows you to analyse the cyclist while pedalling, studying angles of movement and angular velocities without the support of markers. It then processes possible solutions by modifying the Smart Bike setting in real time.

idmatch Tiltmeter is the only instrument that allows you to evaluate the attitude of the forefoot when it is under load. This specific analysis makes it possible to understand the behaviour of the foot when pushing on the pedal, noticing any possible pronation or supination.

Set-Up System
idmatch Set-Up System is an indispensable tool for measuring the bike setting without making mistakes and for reproducing the final measurements suggested after bike fitting. The laser indicator and receivers on the saddle and handlebar make it easy to calculate distances and angles.